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Our philosophy

True healing is far more than just fixing a mechanical process. Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine, which means that we take the approach that the body, mind and spirit are not separate and we treat our patients accordingly. 
At Zi Yuan Ting we help our patients realize their full potential by taking their health in hand. With the help of Traditional Chinese medicine insights we strive to help you in your process of healing and becoming the best version of yourself. 

Martine Cornelissen:
‘As a woman, I deeply understand the enormous challenge of finding and maintaining a balance between a busy life and keeping close to our female core. It is my passion to assist women in creating a fertile life, in all its facets!’

The Chinese characters of Zi Yuan Ting reflect this idea:

子 Zĭ: ‘child’ but also ‘sage’
源 Yuán: ‘source’. The character literally means: ‘the purest water that springs from deep within the rocks’. In Chinese medicine Yuan Qi is ‘the Original Qi’, the most valuable type of energy in our body. 
亭 Tíng: ‘pavilion’, or ‘practice’ 

Zĭ and Yuán put together  means: ‘the Child, but also the Sage in your deepest core’. However, the use of Zĭ and Yuán together also has another meaning, that of ‘Mother and Child’, which references our expertise in treating fertility problems. 

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