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Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating gynaecological complaints. Writings that go back to 1500 BC already describe not only the function of and the relation between the uterus, heart and kidneys, but also how infertility, leucorrhoea, pregnancy and menstrual complaints were treated. 

In our practice, we’ve noticed there are many female specific complaints that are not always taken seriously within regular medicine, even though women are experiencing real discomfort.

Chinese medicine can often prove to be a solution, because it looks at connections in the whole bodily systeem. This helps to bring to light the root of your complaint and determine how it should be treated. 
Our focus is to help every woman achieve their health goals, find inner balance, and regain control over her body.

Besides female specific complaints, we also offer help with more general complaints such as sleeping problems, headaches, pain etc. 

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