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Consultation and rates



During your first visit you will be asked a series of questions, we will go over in depth your health history and will perform pulse and tongue diagnosis, followed by an acupuncture and / or herbal treatment. If you're a fertility patient, we encourage you to bring us your most recent Basal Body Temperature Charts (BBT), provided you have them, or labs work that may be relevant.

We create a customized treatment plan for you using a range of Chinese medicinal therapies. Acupuncture and other modalities including moxa, gua sha, and cupping may be used. Herbs can also be paired with acupuncture to enhance your treatment.
When you leave your first treatment, you will have a clear idea of ​​how many sessions you will have at Zi Yuan Ting, and a realistic assessment of how we can help you.

At Zi Yuan Ting you will receive a 90 minute initial consultation. Follow-up treatments last 45-60 minutes.

How does a Virtual Consultation work?

Our online consultations are meant for existing patients only who live too far away to come to the clinic on a regular base.

In a virtual consultation we thoroughly discuss your situation. We will ask you a number of questions and your tongue is examined, so that we can get a good idea of ​​your energetic diagnosis. We will also check how you reacted on your initial 'live' treatment and if necessary adjust some herbal or dietry approach.

In an online consultation we can show you a number of acupuncture points that you can massage yourself, or where you can put a pressneedle or magnet on. The magnets, pressneedles, perhaps moxa and the discussed list will be sent to you by email after the consultation, with a short summary of the advice that has been discussed. Depending on the situation, we also compile a tailor-made herbal formula for you. The herbs are ordered from a certified company and are delivered to your home by post.

To guarantee your privacy, we work via a secure connection, namely Clickdock . The morning of your online consultation you will receive an email with a link. By clicking on this link you will enter our virtual waiting room. We 'pick you up' from the waiting room at the start of the consultation.

An online consultation is very useful if you can't come to the clinic or if you feel a bit insecure about Covid-19, but also, for example, if you live too far away from the practice.



  • First consultation (90 min): 124 Euro.

  • Follow-up consultation: 92 Euro.

  • Separate herbal consultation (30 min): 68 Euro.

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment (90 min): 110 Euro

  • Virtual follow-up Consultation (30 min): 68 Euro

The clinic is equipped with a payment terminal for your convenience. To relieve administration, we would appreciate if you could pay by card at the end of every consultation. We will send you the invoice digitally, which you can then submit to your insurance company (this also applies to cosmetic acupuncture!). The costs of the Chinese herbal formulas are not included in our consultation rates, you will receive an invoice from the herbal pharmacy themself.


Our treatments are covered by most insurance companies depending on your level of cover.

Martine Cornelissen and Ineke van der Ham are members of the Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA), Yvonne van Buyten, Gwen Soesman and Ursula van Tienen are members of the Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhong (NVTCG Zhong) and TBNG, which means you can be assured that you are receiving treatments from highly qualified licensed acupuncturists.

NVA and NVTCG Zhong both have contracts with most health insurance companies.

Here is the latest list of all reimbursing health insurance companies for 2022. You do not need a reference from your general practitioner.


Note: in case you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours beforehand, you will be charged the full consultation fee for missed appointment.*

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