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Herbal Therapy

Herbal medicine is one of the main pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is considered indispensable in TCM Gynecology in particular. Especially in these modern times where we see more and more energetic 'deficiencies', herbs can be an important addition to acupuncture. Our formulas are 'tailor-made'. We combine different herbs so that a herbal formula is created for your personal condition. At Zi Yuan Ting we almost always work with herbs in granule form. This means that the herbs have already been boiled and processed into a powder, and you only need to add hot water to drink it as a tea. We do not supply the herbal formulas ourselves, but forward the tailormade recipes to the Natuur Apotheek or Dragon Herbs. Both herbal suppliers work solely with herbs that are strictly controlled and check for heavy metals, pesticides or prohibited animal species. This ensures safe, high quality herbs. You pay the cost of the herbal formulas directly to the supplier.

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