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The time will be determined later


Sumatra quay 333

Fertility workshop

Fertility workshop
Fertility workshop

Time & Location

The time will be determined later

Sumatra quay 333, Sumatrakade 333, 1019 PM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

About the event

The Female Cycle & Fertility Workshop integrates Fertility Yoga with knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you regulate your monthly cycle and consciously improve your fertility. Whether you are trying to balance your hormones naturally, or trying to conceive naturally, or whether you want to optimally prepare for an upcoming IVF treatment, this workshop will teach you how to improve your female balance and fertility.

We have designed a unique series of yin yoga based poses that combine Fertility Yoga with ancient Chinese knowledge about the female cycle and optimizing your fertility.

The workshop gives you insight into the basic principles of TCM regarding your cycle and your fertility. You will learn how to apply these concepts through nutrition, specific yoga poses, combined with certain acupressure points. In this workshop you will also learn the energetics of the different phases of your menstrual cycle and more importantly: which postures are suitable in which phase, as well as which postures are suitable when you are trying to conceive.

In Fertility Yoga you do specific yoga postures that have a positive effect on your cycle. Each pose will help nourish and strengthen your endocrine and reproductive system. These poses focus on lowering stress levels in your body, balancing your hormones, and increasing ovarian response.

For whom?

This workshop is not intended for yoga teachers who want to learn more about the material, for which we offer a specific workshop in 2018.

This workshop is intended for women who want to know more about their female cycle and when to practice which yoga style, as well as for women who are struggling with fertility problems.

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