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Book a virtual consultation

Our clinic has opened again. Yet we notice that for some it still doesn't feel safe to come for a live consultation, or inconvenient in terms of distance. That is why we also offer online consultations.

Our practice is well known for our specialization in the field of gynecology, such as problems with menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, as well as fertility issues. In addition to in-person-treatment with acupuncture, a herbal prescription and nutritional & lifestyle advice form an important part of the treatment. This can also be done online.

Online fertility support:

Hospitals are resuming their fertility treatments after the Corona lockdown, although the waiting lists can sometimes be quite long. In preparation for a medical fertility journey you can do so much more than only sit and wait! The waiting time is an excellent opportunity to enhance your fertility by improving egg quality and uterine environment with herbs, supplements, acupressure points and fertility self-massages. We are more than happy to help you with getting fully prepared for a healthy pregnancy! We can offer you suggestions based on our experience, and make a positive contribution to your health and fertility. In case you are about to start a medical fertility treatment, we can work along the western medical route and support you during that treatment as well.

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